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Fun Activities to Get the Most out of Fall

While the warm summer months are great for family vacations and barbecues, the fall season is the perfect time to take part in some fun and festive local activities. Here are some ideas for fun fall activities for you and your family and friends to enjoy.

Go on a Picnic in a Nearby Park
Ahh, the crisp fall air! Mild temperatures and colorful scenery make fall the ideal time to go on a picnic in a nearby park. You can enjoy the changing leaves while eating a million different pumpkin-flavored items and other classic fall treats.

Attend a Local Fall Festival
If you want to get the most out of the cool fall season, think about attending a local harvest or fall festival. Depending on the size of the festival, you’ll get the opportunity to eat delicious fall treats, play family-friendly games, and enjoy some quality time in the fresh air.

Another option is to visit a local farm or pumpkin patch. Many farms will set up corn mazes, hayrides, and petting zoos on weekends during the fall months. You can go pick out your own pumpkin and stay for the fun!

Go for a Nature Walk
Now that the weather is less hot, consider taking a short nature walk once a week. You get to enjoy the fall scenery and get some exercise at the same time. Plus, reconnecting with nature has been shown to reduce stress and boost mood. You can head to a nearby park or seek out hiking trails or open space for a more immersive experience. Always practice safety when venturing outdoors.

Go Camping in Your Backyard
You don’t need to travel long distances or trek into the wilderness to go camping – though that is certainly an option. In fact, you can enjoy all the fun of a camping retreat in your own backyard. Just set up your tent (or borrow one from a friend), bust out the s’more supplies, and you’ll be ready for a fun family night under the stars.
Host a Pumpkin Carving Contest
Carving a pumpkin is an activity that people of nearly all ages can enjoy. All you need are some pumpkins and some carving tools. No tools? Make it a pumpkin painting party instead! You can make it a family activity or opt to invite friends and neighbors.

You can keep costs down by asking each person to bring their own pumpkin and/or carving tools. Attendees can take pictures and vote on their favorite carved pumpkins. After the party, consider roasting the pumpkin seeds for a healthy fall snack.

Tailgate a Football Game
Now that most football seasons have begun, you can make a day of cheering for your favorite team by tailgating before the game. Whether it’s a big national team or just your local high school team, lots of fun can be had outside the field or stadium with fantastic game-day food, games, and atmosphere.

Fall is a wonderful season for activities of all shapes and sizes. Whether you want to socialize with friends and neighbors or enjoy some time to yourself you should be able to find several activities to match your interests.