Home Cooking August 14, 2022

How to Store Grill Tools for Backyard Barbecues

As a professional organizer who has decluttered many kitchens, the item that has always perplexed clients most is barbeque supplies. Grill tools are bulky and awkward, making it hard to justify them taking up precious real estate in a kitchen drawer, cabinet, or even the pantry, especially when short on space. Some prefer to keep grilling supplies inside, particularly in colder climates, while others don’t mind leaving them outdoors all year. Either way, your grill tools deserve to be organized so that you can find them easily after a hectic work day and they stay in top shape for many Labor Day barbecues to come. Check out the following ideas for storing barbecue supplies to organize tongs, skewers, meat thermometers, and more.

outdoor grilling and fire pit area

1. Group Items in a Caddy

One of the simplest ways to store grilling supplies is in a carrying caddy, which you might already have laying around the house, whether it’s currently holding cleaning products or kid’s craft supplies. These convenient bins often come with a handle or two to make transporting utensils to the table easier.

However, a caddy is only so large, so it’s able to hold a limited amount of items. For example, your favorite long-handle fork might not lie flat within the container. Look for an elongated caddy made specifically for barbecue supplies (some even come with a paper-towel rod for convenient cleanup).

2. Utilize a Rolling Cart

A three-tier rolling cart is another versatile organizer that I recommend to clients to use for their child’s nursery, home office, hair tools, and more. So why not put one to work by the grill? This will hold more than a caddy as the compartments are wider so you can tuck a bag of charcoal or an oversize basket of serving supplies onto the bottom shelf. An inexpensive set of S hooks allow you to hang grilling tools as well as the all-important apron.

Be sure to roll your cart somewhere safe during inclement weather to prevent it from rusting. Or use a canvas, similar to a grill cover, to protect it.

3. Fill a Bucket

A tall bucket provides another way to organize barbecue supplies so that they’re transportable. Yes, just like the one you have stored in the garage to use when washing the car. Of course, you’ll want to use a new, clean one for this purpose and specifically the type that comes with a durable fabric organizer.

Skewers, a meat thermometer, and tongs fit snugly into the exterior slots of the fabric organizer. Meanwhile, silicone grilling gloves and non-stick grilling sheets can be tossed into the center opening. If it starts to rain, simply pick up the bucket by the handle and leave it in the garage until needed.

outdoor fold out table with green chairs

4. Install a Cabinet

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution to storing grill tools, consider installing a cabinet outside. It can attach to your fence, the side of your shed, or wherever you have a bit of wall space close to the grill. The size is up to you and what you’d like to store in it. Use hooks on the inside of the doors to hang tongs and spatulas. Or choose a design with a door that pulls downward, leaving you with a small prep table.

To customize the cabinet, add a shelf specifically designed to keep spices organized. This will prevent you from having to rush indoors when you realize your steak could use an extra dash of seasoning.

5. Divide Drawers

Bamboo spring-loaded drawer dividers are by far one of the best ways to organize kitchen utensils. The long, narrow rows they create lend well to equally long objects such as whisks and potato mashers. They’re also completely adjustable, making it easy to accommodate anything you want the drawer to hold. If your kitchen has extra drawer space, tuck things like a grate scraper and basting brush away when not in use. Ideally, it should be a drawer that is on the outskirts of the kitchen, preferably close to the door you use when you head outside to grill. Otherwise, consider installing a stainless-steel set of drawers if an outdoor kitchen is on your renovation radar.