Garden How to Grow Olive Trees Indoors   Olive trees are beautiful plants known for their slender, slivery green leaves and of course their tasty edible fruit. Hailing from the warm Mediterranean region, this plant can’t take a lot of cold, but you can grow it indoors as a houseplant no matter where you live. To keep your indoor olive tree thriving, you’ll […]
Garden 8 Spooky Houseplants to Liven up Your Indoor Halloween Decor Along with your favorite Halloween decorations like faux spider webs, jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, and skeletons lurking around your home this October, why not add to your spooky decor with a few frightfully fun plants? Several varieties of indoor plants offer hauntingly beautiful black blooms, spidery leaves, twisted stems, and monster-like shapes. They will give your indoor display a botanically […]
Garden How to Fix Common Houseplant Problems One of the most frustrating things about houseplants is when a normally healthy plant starts dropping leaves or turning yellow, and you’re not sure why. Don’t fret; many of these plant problems can be quickly resolved with small care changes. Learn how to decode the messages your plant is sending—and how to fix them. You’ll be […]
Garden Five Ways to Create an Inviting Nighttime Patio Warmer days mean the backyard is in bloom, the porch is the place for hanging out and the patio or deck becomes the spot to soak up the sun. So it only makes sense that everyone wants to spend as much time as possible outside. There’s no reason not to enjoy your patio during the nighttime hours. […]
Garden How to Grow Roses from Cuttings in 10 Simple Steps There’s an open secret about roses: they’re not only easy to propagate, but making more of these plants is one of the best, most magical parts of having them around. You could sprout the seeds, but growing roses from cuttings is the easiest way to reproduce your favorite varieties. There are several practical reasons to propagate roses […]
Garden The Best Time of Day to Water Your Plants (And Why It Matters) There’s an art to watering your garden. When you know the best time of day to water outdoor plants, and the tricks to watering them most efficiently, you’ll have happier plants. Even if you live in a rainy place like New Orleans or Seattle, you’re still going to need to water your garden plants at least once […]
Garden How to Grow Basil Indoors There’s something refreshing about the summery aroma of basil growing indoors on a windowsill. When you gently brush the plant with your hand, the vibrant scent will quickly fill the air. Plus, having a pot of basil growing in a sunny spot in your kitchen ensures you’ll always have this flavorful herb within easy reach when cooking, no matter […]
Garden 13 Fantastic Small Backyard Ideas for Function and Enjoyment Whether hosting a Fourth of July barbecue in the yard or sipping your morning coffee on the patio, it can be tricky to fit all your outdoor wants and needs into one tiny backyard. But, no matter the size of your yard, patio, or balcony, it’s easy to create an outdoor oasis perfect for spending […]
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Design 5 Decorating Secrets to Make Your Outdoor Space Your Favorite Room Beautiful outdoor living spaces—think outdoor dining set-ups and sun-soaked seating arrangements—can be some of the most relaxing areas of your home. Unfortunately, decorating and creating such a space can be anything but relaxing. Even experienced home decor aficionados can struggle to put together a cohesive, gorgeous outdoor space: Somehow, it seems like the rules of indoor decor don’t […]
Garden Weed Killers: 5 Things to Know Before You Spray Weeds are the bane of a gardener’s existence. They grow, seemingly overnight, choking out healthy flowers and vegetables and starving them of water, sunlight, and nutrients. There are several weed killer methods to deal with unwanted plants. Garden centers stock entire aisles of products promised to curb leafy invaders and put a fast stop to a garden insurgence. Often, […]
Garden 6 Landscaping Trends That Can Help Increase the Value of Your Home Sure, location is important, but the three Ls in real estate are landscaping, landscaping, and landscaping.Whether you’re thinking about putting your home on the market or just want to be prepared, you’re looking for the best possible price. A clean, fresh place with a comfortable vibe, both inside and out, draws prospective buyers. And since the […]
Garden 3 Simple Design Ideas for a Zen Outdoor Space Amidst lockdowns and times of uncertainty, many of us looked inward to our homes to provide calming and safe spaces, including our outdoor areas. As a result, many gardens became like a ‘fifth room’, offering the perfect area for relaxation and spending quality time outdoors – and this trend seems to be here to stay. […]
Garden 6 Steps for Getting Rid of Bugs in Your Lawn and Garden When you see bugs on your plants, it’s tempting to go with a “squish/spray first, ask questions later” response. But insects can be our friends or our enemies in the garden, so it’s important first to figure out what you’re dealing with before acting. Are the bugs actually eating or otherwise harming your plants? If it […]