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Homeowner Tips Guest Room Tips for the Warmest of Welcomes   Opening your house to guests is one of the many joys of being a homeowner. You can make guests feel welcomed and comfortable by following these simple tips. Create the Ultimate “Flex” Room Flexibility is key in getting the most out of your guest quarters. If you host frequently, the room will likely be […]
Home Improvement Home Design Trends for 2023 In recent months, the world has re-energized, and hope has bloomed in ways that many had not experienced since before this decade began. In contrast, shifting economic and global conditions have awakened and heightened certain sensitivities. This age of extremes has given way to a curious range of design ideas. From eclectic and new to […]
Home Improvement Savvy Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value   Whether you plan to be in your home for just a few more months or many more years, there are plenty of efficient ways to maximize your space and increase its value. This type of investment needn’t require a loan, nor does it have to span any great length of time. From green living […]
Home Improvement Clear the Clutter & Make an Impact ‘Tis the season of giving. Here’s a simple way of spreading holiday love and cheer to fill your heart and empty your home. It’s easy to give and make the holidays a little brighter for those in need. Just look around your home. Perhaps, you have clothing, furniture, kitchen items, or even food that’s been […]
Home Improvement 5 New Year’s Resolutions for the Home Instead of repeating New Year’s resolutions that you’ll never keep, this year try setting a few home improvement goals. You’re certainly aware of the typical “paint your front door” advice for a quick home improvement, but you can save the prettying-up for spring and address the basics now. These resolutions will have an immediate impact […]
Homeowner Tips No, a Den Isn’t Exactly the Same Thing as a Living Room or Family Room You might have a room in your home that you refer to as a den, but did you know the term has a formal, official meaning when it appears in real estate listings? Just as there’s a technical difference between a family room and a living room, a den—formally speaking—has a distinct purpose in the home. […]
Homeowner Tips Smart-Home Devices May Save on Home Insurance While smart-home devices can add a considerable amount of convenience and comfort to your home, they can also help you save money on your home insurance. There are a wide range of smart-home devices that you can have installed in your home – everything from smart thermostats to smart speakers. Before you purchase any of […]
Home Improvement 5 Must-Have Smart Home Features to Upgrade Every Room Even if you’re not tech-savvy, there are several smart home features that can transform your life. A smart home uses electronic devices or online apps to control equipment that is usually manual, such as lighting, security systems, door access, heating, and even basic appliances. Internet-enabled devices offer automation, which helps stave off decision fatigue and […]
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Design 6 Decorating Mistakes That Make Your Home Look Messier Than It Really Is You work hard to keep your home clean on a daily basis, so the last thing you want is for your decorating choices to contribute to a messy-looking room. Although clearing out clutter is the first step to a polished, orderly look, the way you furnish and decorate the room is also critical to its overall neatness. Sometimes […]
Homeowner Tips Hurricane Preparedness Tips With the laid-back lifestyle here in Hawaii…we tend to just go with the flow. We take things as they come…including hurricanes. Takes an emergency siren or a false missile alert to jolt some of us. Should an unyielding storm rip through the islands tomorrow, will you be prepared? Preparedness is the key against storms and other natural […]
Homeowner Tips What To Pack For Your First Night In Your New House Moving day is approaching and your to-do list just keeps growing! But, there is one more to-do to add to your list. This to-do gets you ready for a peaceful first night in your new home. You’ll thank me later. Actually, you’ll be too tired to thank me, but that’s okay. Your first night will […]
Homeowner Tips Out-of-the-Box Spare Room Ideas Have an extra room that’s just taking up space? Lucky you! Put your creativity to work and transform it into the “play” place you’ve always wanted. Here are just a few suggestions for using that unused area. Rock Out Let the rock-n-roll in you rip loose in a room designed to be your very own […]