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Home Fun The Case for Repurposing Your Space It’s almost criminal — leaving rooms in your home underutilized. While navigating the obstacle course of life, there are a host of reasonable factors that lead to this common home-functionality transgression. Now is the ideal moment to repurpose what you have and reinvent such spaces. A desirable feature of yesteryear, the formal dining room is […]
Home Improvement Home Design Trends for 2023 In recent months, the world has re-energized, and hope has bloomed in ways that many had not experienced since before this decade began. In contrast, shifting economic and global conditions have awakened and heightened certain sensitivities. This age of extremes has given way to a curious range of design ideas. From eclectic and new to […]
Home Improvement Savvy Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value   Whether you plan to be in your home for just a few more months or many more years, there are plenty of efficient ways to maximize your space and increase its value. This type of investment needn’t require a loan, nor does it have to span any great length of time. From green living […]
Home Improvement Clear the Clutter & Make an Impact ‘Tis the season of giving. Here’s a simple way of spreading holiday love and cheer to fill your heart and empty your home. It’s easy to give and make the holidays a little brighter for those in need. Just look around your home. Perhaps, you have clothing, furniture, kitchen items, or even food that’s been […]
Home Improvement How to Figure Out Your Home’s Square Footage—and Why It Matters One of the first questions a potential buyer will have about any home after learning its location and price is the square footage. Square footage is the easiest way to indicate the size of the home, and it’s the best way to gauge whether it’s a fit for your family. Of course, homes don’t come […]
Home Fun Game On: High-end Gaming Tables Come Out of the Basement Gleaming gourmet kitchens. Magnificent living spaces. Ample bedroom suites. When it comes to luxury homes, some interior must-haves are fairly obvious. But, today, a newer space is being elevated from niche to necessary: the grand game room. Decked out with custom game tables cloaked in contemporary, bespoke grandeur, these spaces are delivering a new level […]
Home Improvement Savvy Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value   Whether you plan to be in your home for just a few more months or many more years, there are plenty of efficient ways to maximize your space and increase its value. This type of investment needn’t require a loan, nor does it have to span any great length of time. From green living […]
Home Improvement 5 New Year’s Resolutions for the Home Instead of repeating New Year’s resolutions that you’ll never keep, this year try setting a few home improvement goals. You’re certainly aware of the typical “paint your front door” advice for a quick home improvement, but you can save the prettying-up for spring and address the basics now. These resolutions will have an immediate impact […]
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Design The Reading Corner Is a Must-Try Cozy Decor Trend This Season Few things are as satisfying as curling up with a good book on a chilly day, but leave it to TikTok to make this time-honored activity even better with its latest design trend, the reading corner. Situated perfectly at the intersection of the #cozyaesthetic and #BookTok, a megatrend with over 84.5 billion views, a reading corner […]
Home Improvement Dark, Moody Kitchens Are the Next Big Style Move over, all-white kitchens. Although these bright spaces remain a classic color choice, designers say there’s a definite shift toward darker, moodier kitchens. In fact, according to a just-released 2023 trends report by the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), “moody” is expected to be one of the top three most-popular tones for kitchen design in the […]
Home Improvement Tips for the Perfect Home Color Palette When it comes to adorning the walls of your home, you need to do a little digging and a lot of experimenting before making a color commitment. Every creative venture requires inspiration – and that especially applies to decorating your home. Look to Mother Nature. Any color combination found in nature can easily be translated into […]
Home Improvement Windows that Wow   What’s one of the fastest and easiest ways to update a room? You guessed it – window treatments. Gone are the days of heavy, dark, drab curtains. Instead, you can refresh just about any space with a variety of modern options to fit every style and budget. Now Trending Whether you’re creating a home […]
Home Improvement How to Paint a Deck to Improve Its Appearance—and Its Weather-Resistance Building a deck in the yard is a great way to dedicate an area of your home to party hosting or outdoor dining. It gives you a place to set up a barbecue, some chairs, a table, and possibly even a gazebo to protect you and your guests from rain or provide shade on a hot […]
Home Improvement 5 Must-Have Smart Home Features to Upgrade Every Room Even if you’re not tech-savvy, there are several smart home features that can transform your life. A smart home uses electronic devices or online apps to control equipment that is usually manual, such as lighting, security systems, door access, heating, and even basic appliances. Internet-enabled devices offer automation, which helps stave off decision fatigue and […]
Design 9 Painted Wall Mural Ideas to Brighten Any Room A painted wall mural can give you the bold look of wallpaper without the high price tag, and you don’t need to be a professional artist to create one. Unlike wallpaper—which can be expensive and notoriously difficult to hang—a mural can often be completed in an afternoon. It’s an easy way to transform your space without […]
Home Improvement 23 Renovations That Can Add Unexpected Value to Your Home 1. Put Wasted Space to Work CREDIT: DAVID TSAY Transform a plain wall into a storage and display showcase by adding stacks of open shelves or cutting out the drywall to create a recessed niche. Built-ins not only look beautiful but boost a home’s storage capabilities. Include a mix of open and closed storage to […]
Design 5 Decorating Secrets to Make Your Outdoor Space Your Favorite Room Beautiful outdoor living spaces—think outdoor dining set-ups and sun-soaked seating arrangements—can be some of the most relaxing areas of your home. Unfortunately, decorating and creating such a space can be anything but relaxing. Even experienced home decor aficionados can struggle to put together a cohesive, gorgeous outdoor space: Somehow, it seems like the rules of indoor decor don’t […]
Home Improvement How to Install Epoxy Flooring in a Garage Epoxy floor coating is a two-part mixture of resins and hardeners that enlivens, protects, and updates concrete floors in garages, basements, sunrooms, and patios. Rolled on in multiple layers, epoxy coatings create seamless stretches of flooring that withstands grease, scuffing, moisture, and chemicals. Epoxy coatings firmly adhere to concrete and are unlikely to chip or […]
Home Improvement A+ Ideas for Kid-Focused Homework Stations Back to school means back to doing homework. While there are many ways to help children develop good self-discipline, one way is to motivate them by creating an inviting space where they can concentrate and stay stress free. You don’t need a lot of space or a dedicated room for a homework station. Whether it’s […]
Home Improvement Heavenly Kitchen Creations     It’s easy to follow a recipe and decorate remarkable confections, but what rule of thumb do you follow when choosing kitchen cabinets and countertops? With so many tempting choices, it helps to stay focused on a few key items. Take a cue from our helpful hints on kitchen design and combine the perfect mix […]